5 Best Selfie Light Reviews of 2020

A best selfie light is a very important gadget to buy if you love taking selfies. It will enable you to take pictures of your face very easily even in dimly lit or dark areas. Just like a selfie stick helps you get the best angle when you are taking selfies, the selfie light is designed to help you get the best light in a similar manner that professional photographers usually search for best lighting for their shots. The result you will get is well lit and professional looking pictures to upload on social media pages or keep in your photo album. In most instances, these gadgets come in form a smartphone case or ring that features tiny lights around the frame. Since there are so many types of selfie lights in the market right now, choosing the right one for your needs can prove to be a daunting task. Here are 5 best selfie light reviews of 2020 to help you choose easily.

#1. Auxiwa Clip on Best Selfie Light

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light

This small gadget can totally change the way your selfies look. It will allow you to take clear selfies in dark or dimly lit areas. It is rechargeable and features three brightness levels and thirty six long lasting LEDs that are enough for providing enough lighting for your selfie needs. Its battery lasts really long, so you will not need to worry about it dying after using it for a few times.

The lightweight design that it features makes it so handy to carry anywhere. You can easily slip into your purse when you are traveling and intend to take selfies at some point. It will fit your iPhone perfectly well without obstructing the camera. It is not only perfect for use with the front camera, but also with the rear camera when you want to take high fidelity photos and videos in dark areas.

You can also use this selfie ring light as a torch or emergency light when there is a power outage or when you are in a dimly lit place. It will make your life easier in many ways. For the money, it is a nice gadget that you will not regret buying at all.

#2. Raphycool Selfie Ring Light

Raphycool Selfie Light Rechargeable Selfie Ring Light

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the selfies that you take in a dark environment, you should seriously consider buying this Raphycool selfie light. It is a palm-sized round light that is designed to provide the extra light you require to take well lit selfies in dark places. It features 36 white LED bulbs that supply enough lighting for photography whenever you are in areas that are dark or do not have enough light for high quality photos or videos.

Using this selfie ring light will not be a problem at all because of its simple design. You will not be required to plug it anywhere. All you will need to do is clamp it on your smartphone or iPhone and then press the power button to get the extra light you need to take clear pictures. There are three different levels of brightness that you can choose from for the perfect lighting of your pictures. Regardless of the type of smartphone or iPhone you have, you can be able to use this selfie light.

This selfie light is not that tiny but it can fit easily in your bag or pocket. This makes it a great choice of selfie light to carry when you are traveling. You can use it continuously and it will not heat up. It can double up as good torch or emergency light when there is a power blackout. It uses two AAA batteries that are sold separately.

#3. Dealpeak USB Recharageable Selfie LED Camera Light

Dealpeak USB Recharageable Selfie LED Camera Light Ring

This selfie ring light works very well. It gets pretty bright to allow you to take well-lit selfies when you are in a dark environment. It features thirty six high brightness white LEDs and three brightness modes that you can switch as you desire, namely high brightness, medium brightness and low brightness. If you have an iPhone or smartphone whose fill-in or selfie light is weaker or dimmer, you will find it to be a great supplement when taking selfies.

You can use this selfie light on iPhones, smartphones, tablets, cameras, computers and many other devices that have a thickness that does not exceed 1.9 cm. Apart from being a good selfie light, it also serves many more functions. You can use it as an emergency flashlight, emergency table lamp, reading light, night light and so on.

#4. Lavince selfie18953 New Selfie Ring Light

Lavince selfie18953 New Selfie Ring Light

One of the things that you will love about this selfie light is the fact that it is rechargeable. No batteries will be required to be able to use it. It comes with a USB charging cable to allow you to charge it easily by connecting it to a wall outlet. You will also love the compatibility that this selfie light features. Its clipping head can be opened very wide, something that makes it applicable to almost all iPhones and smartphones in the market.

You can choose from three brightness levels when using this selfie light. This makes it a perfect choice of selfie light for taking selfies in night clubs, campsites, parties and anywhere else. You will also love its ultra-wide lighting range. It provides light at all angles to allow you to take very clear pictures.

#5. Roxima Clip on Selfie Ring Light

Roxima Clip on Selfie Ring Light

You will love this selfie light from the first time you use it. It does an amazing job of lighting up your face so that you can take clear and meaningful pictures in the dark. It will clip easily on your smartphone or iPhone and will not give you a hard time using at all. The clip features a rubber bumper to make sure that your phone is protected from scratches.

Carrying this selfie light when you are traveling will not be problem at all because it features a compact size that can easily fit in your bag or pocket. You can also use it as torch for lighting up dark rooms or as emergency lighting when there is a power outage.

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