10 Best Portable Car Jump Starter Reviews Of 2020

There are so many benefits of having the best portable car jump starter. It is a convenient device that is used to provide power to motor vehicle battery that has stalled. The jump starter can also be used to provide power in an emergency situation. You need to have it in your vehicle all the time because you never know when the battery might stall. It can happen when you are in the middle of nowhere or when you need to use your vehicle to go somewhere urgently. You will have peace of mind when faced with such situations and you have a portable jump starter because all that you will need to do is get the jump starter out, attach to your vehicle’s battery and allow it to perform the charging process. In a matter of minutes, you will have full battery power on your vehicle.

On the market, there are different types of portable car jump starters to choose from. To help you choose the right one for your needs, here are top 10 best portable car jump starter reviews of 2020.

#1. Stanley JC509 Best Portable Car Jump Starter with Compressor

STANLEY J5C09 Power Station Jump Starter

When you have this jump starter, you will not need to worry too much when your car fails to start. It packs 500 amps of instant jumping power and 1000 peak amps that will help you jumpstart your battery in a fast and convenient way without relying on another vehicle. It is very easy to use. You simply need to connect the clamps to your battery and then turn on the switch. Once you have done that, start your vehicle. The unit is equipped with a built-in safety system that will sound an alarm if the clamps have been connected incorrectly. Another notable feature on this jump starter is the built-in USB port. You will find it to be very useful if you want to charge your phone or tablet. The unit also features a 120 psi compressor that can help with low tires.

#2. Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR Jump Starter with Power Source and Air Compressor

Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700 Peak Amp Jump Starter

The Clore Proformer battery that this jump starter is made of is specifically developed for jumpstarting dead batteries. It delivers exceptional cranking power, numerous jumps per charge, extended cranking duration and has long service life. It comes equipped with a lot of features that make jumpstarting a very easy process. It comes with a 68 inch cable that allows it to reach starting points on all vehicles regardless of their shapes and sizes. This jump starter also comes with industrial grade clamps that penetrate corrosion on the battery of your vehicle for a proper electrical connection. Besides being used as a car jump starter, this unit can also be used as a compressor. It features an integrated industrial grade air delivery system that is equipped with a 12 feet air horse that has a built-in pressure gauge and screw-on chuck.

#3. GOOLOO 600A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

GOOLOO 600A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

This is a very portable and powerful jump starter that you carry in your car with ease and use conveniently. It is a combination of three different products, namely a car jump starter, a battery charger, and LED flashlight. The LED flashlight features three illumination modes. They include a strobe light to attract attention, a flash light to use when you are in the dark, and an SOS signal flash that can last up to 120 hours on full charge and is perfect to use when you are outdoors or in need of emergency help. This jump starter has built-in protection features to make sure that your battery does not get damaged due to short circuit, over current or overload.

#4. Beatit 600A Portable Car Jump Starter

Beatit 600A Portable Car Jump Starter

If you are looking for an easy and powerful solution to boost your car battery instantly, you need to consider buying this jump starter. With 600 amps peak and 140000 mAh battery capacity, you will never have to worry about restarting your car again if it suddenly stops. The unit is portable and very easy to carry. You will be able to restart your car in an emergency regardless of where you are. It comes with 12V battery clips, a USB cable, an adapter and car charger.

#5. DBPOWER 600A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter

You can use this unit to jumpstart your vehicle up to thirty times with the 600 amps of peak current that it features. It comes with heavy duty clamps and cables for easy connection to the car battery. This jump starter has a battery capacity of 18000 mAh and is equipped with a smart USB port to allow you to charge your smartphones, laptops and other devices easily. It has a LCD screen that shows the remaining power.

#6. Guluman Portable Car Jump Starter

Guluman Portable Car Jump Starter

This jump starter is a must have if you have a car. It is powerful enough to start all gasoline vehicles as well as most of the 6.0L diesel vehicles. It can also be used as a power bank. Its battery capacity of 16800 mAh makes it ideal for charging laptops, phones and other rechargeable electronic devices. Another thing that you will love about this unit is the flashlight that it is equipped with. It can help you a great deal if you vehicle suddenly stops when it is too dark outside.

#7. CAR ROVER 60C Discharge Rate 800A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

CAR ROVER 60C Discharge Rate 800A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter

You can bring your vehicle back to operation any time with this jump starter. It features 800 amps peak current output and 60C discharge rate that is powerful enough to start 6.0L as well as lower gasoline and 3.0L diesel turbine of 12V vehicles. The jump starter also has 14000 mAh that makes it a great power bank. You can use it for charging computers, phones, cameras and other devices when there is power outage.

#8. Nekteck Multifunction Car Jump Starter

Nekteck Multifunctional Car Jump Starter

This unit will not only jump start your car, but also charge your smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras. It features 600 amps of power that can jump start your 6.0 L or 5.0 L diesel engine up to 15 times before it requires to be recharged. It has safety protection for overvoltage, overcharge, overcurrent as well as short circuit.

#9. JUMPPLUS Portable Car Jump Starter & USB Charger

JUMPPLUS Portable Car Jump Starter & USB Charger

With Jumpplus, you do not need to go through the hassle of looking for another vehicle to jump start your car. It allows you to jump start your car by yourself very quickly and easily. The unit comes with a super bright built LED light that is quite useful when you are jumpstarting your vehicle in the dark. It also features an exclusive Type C power bank that you can use to charge your mobile phone, tablet and laptop.

#10. AUDEW Car Jump Starter

AUDEW Car Jump Starter

This jump starter is very easy to use without professional guidance. It is small and portable enough to be stored in your bag or glove box very easily. Safety is one of the things that have been taken seriously when it comes to the construction and use of this jump starter. It features an inbuilt high quality Smart Chip as well as Smart Power Processor that provides multiple security protection for overcurrent, overcharge, short circuit, over discharge and reverse connection.

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