5 Best Motion Sensor Lights In 2020 Reviews

Installing the best motion sensor lights in your home can bring great piece of mind in many ways. They will help ward off criminals and unwanted animals. Burglars do not like coming to homes that are well lit or homes that become lit when they approach them. These lights are one of the great ways to make sure that your family is safe and secure without the need for investing in alarm system. If you install the motion sensor lights outside your home, they can prove really helpful if you usually arrive home from work late when it is already dark outside. You will be able to search for your keys and get your door unlocked easily. These lights can also be decorative.

They are available in different shapes, sizes and styles that are designed to complement well with different homes. You can customize and program them anyway you want. To help you buy the right ones for your needs, here are 5 best motion sensor lights in 2017 reviews.

#1. URPOWER Solar Lights 8 LED Wireless Waterproof Best Motion Sensor Lights

URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor

These are great motion sensor lights for your deck, patio, yard or garden. They are solar powered, and as a result they are not going to contribute to increased energy bills in your home. They harness the energy of the sun to light your home at night. Installing them is absolutely easy because no wiring is required. They feature an automated switch that allows them to turn on automatically during nighttime when the motion sensor is detected and turn off in the morning. They can sense a range of up to ten feet with a 120 degree sensing angle because they feature an LED sensor light with a large sensor. When it rains or gets too hot outside, you do not need to worry that these motion sensor lights may bet spoiled because they are waterproof and heatproof. When fully charged, they can provide up to 12 hours of lighting.

#2. Mr. Beams MB363 Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor and Photocell

Mr. Beams MB363 Wireless LED Spotlight

If you are looking for reliable security lighting to install in your home, you will not go wrong with this Mr. Beams MB363 Wireless LED Spotlight. It is a wireless spotlight that you can install anywhere that light is needed in your home, including the garages, doorways, fences, porches, sheds and trees. It provides 140 lumens of light that will guarantee you bright light around your home. Each set of batteries can provide one year of light with average use of eight to ten activations per day. You can focus the light anywhere you need very easily because it has an adjustable head. The motion sensor that this spotlight is equipped with turns on when motion is defected within 30 feet in the dark and turns off automatically thirty seconds when there no motion. This helps to prolong the battery life of the device. Wireless installation of this motion sensor light takes less than 5 minutes.

#3. Mpow Bright Weatherproof Solar LED Motion Sensor Light

Mpow Bright Weatherproof Solar LED Motion Sensor Light

These solar-powered motion sensor lights will bring brightness to those areas in your home that do not have adequate illumination such as the attic, garage, porch and deck. They are equipped with eight big LED lights that will provide brighter illumination. They are bright enough to turn dark spaces into brightly lit areas. You will not need to worry about being outdoors at night when you have these lights. They feature PIR motion sensor that activates the lights when movement is detected within a range of 10 to 26 feet. The light comes on when small steps approaches. You can mounts this lights on the wall very easily using the wall plug and screws that they come with. No wire or cable is required. The updated solar panel that these lights come with gets faster charging even when there is less sunshine outside. They are waterproof and heatproof, so there is no need of worrying that they might be destroyed by extreme weather elements.

#4. Litom 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights

LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor

One of the things that you will like about this motion sensor lights is their wide angle design that allows them to provide a large coverage of luminosity. They features corner LEDs that put out enough extra light to make sure that the area that you have installed them in is properly lit. They are brighter compared to similar solar lights that are available in the market. You will also like the fact that this solar lights are very easy to setup. No wires are required to get them working. You simply need to mount them on the wall using the provided plugs and screws. They come with three different light sensing modes that include sensor mode, dim light sensor light mode and medium light mode. It will be up to you to choose the most appropriate mode depending on your needs or desires. They are made of high impact and durable ABS material that can withstand rain, heat from the sun and other extreme weather conditions.

#5. TFBOYS Motion Sensor Light 16 LED Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

TFBOYS Motion Sensor Light 16 LED Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

The 16 ultra-bright LEDs that these solar wall lights feature will provide excellent illumination in your home. Dark spaces will be turned into brightly-lit areas. They can light up continuously for up to 12 hours when fully charged. Since the solar motion sensor light is charged by rays from the sun, it will help you save on the money that you use to pay electricity bills in your home and also help conserve the environment. The motion sensor turns on automatically and quickly at night with no lag time when movement is detected in a distance of up to 10 feet and range of 120 degrees. Maximum brightness illumination is provided when motion is detected for safety and security protection. The solar powered lights are made of waterproof and heatproof material, something that makes them perfect for use in all types of outdoor places and weather, even in the storm.

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