5 Best Hummingbird Feeders of 2020

hummingbirds are lovely birds to have in your backyard. It will help pollinate flowers that other insects and birds cannot pollinate. You can also enjoy watching the hummingbird for the entire time that you are around your yard. When you have this bird in your backyard, you will need to buy best hummingbird feeders to make sure that it gets fresh nectar and food all the time. The hummingbird feeder is also going to guarantee you more hummingbird visits in your backyard. These birds are always on the lookout for highest quality nectar. If the feeder is equipped with refreshed, high quality seeds and nectar all the time, you are definitely going to see a lot of these birds in your backyard every day.

Best Hummingbird Feeders

The feeder is also going to provide a great way to feed many hummingbirds at the same time in order to deter bully hummingbirds. With so many feeders in the market, choosing the right one for your needs can prove to be so challenging. Here are 5 best hummingbird feeders of 2016 reviews to help you buy with ease.

#1. Yellow Beaks Window Best Hummingbird Feeders – The Best Clear Acrylic Birdhouse

Yellow Beaks Window Best Hummingbird Feeders

This bird feeder is made of lightweight, transparent acrylic that makes it very easy for you to watch the hummingbirds as they are feeding. The premium plastic material that it is made of does not yellow and is very easy to clean. It is a large capacity feeder that can accommodate a number of hummingbirds at the same time. It comes with three strong all weather suction cups that you can attach to any window surface. It also features an innovative opening that makes it very easy for the birds to access and a slanted roof design with a wide angle to make sure that the hummingbirds are sheltered from snow and rain. The angled roof design also keeps away backyard squirrels.

#2. Large Window Bird Feeder – Clear, Removable Tray

Large Window Bird Feeder with Clear Removable Tray

You are definitely going to love this bird because of the amazing features it is equipped with. It features a large-see through design that enables you to watch the hummingbirds easily from a distance. It is very easy to install and clean. It has a removable tray with a divider to allow you to use two types for bird seeds. It can hold two cups of bird seeds. In the tray and main feeder, there are drain holes that will prevent the seeds from staying wet or growing mold. The unique artwork that it features will impress you instantly.

#3. Tranquil Outdoors Window Bird Feeder

Tranquil Outdoors Window Bird Feeder

This feeder is going to bring hummingbirds to your window for a very close up and beautiful view. It is sturdily built, 100 percent clear and is very easy to use. It will last for years without becoming yellow or wearing out. It is virtually squirrel resistant. You will not need to worry about feeding more squirrels than birds because it is designed to only attract special birds. It goes at a pocket friendly price.

#4. Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder

This is a nice hummingbird feeder that features a perch design to allow the birds to feed from multiple angles. It will definitely attract a lot of special birds to your backyard. It allows the seeds to dispense into the tray. Once the tray is full, it stops dispensing the seeds. This will save you the hassle of refilling the tray every now and then. The seeds will be replenished into the tray continuously as the birds continue to dine from the circular perch so that it remains consistently full. There is a secure lock cap system that ensures that the lid stays in place and prevents squirrels from accessing the seeds.

#5. Hi-Viz Window Bird Feeder

Hi-Viz Window Bird Feeder

With this bird feeder, you are going to enjoy long hours of watching hummingbirds close up from the comfort of your own home. If you have kids, they are definitely going to love it. You will not have any problem attaching it to your window. It has suctions cups that will hold it in position until you decide to move it to another location. There is an oval gap in the back that provides extra visibility to allow you to get up close and personal with the hummingbirds. It has a roof that protects the birds from elements while they are feeding.

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