5 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners of 2020

With technology, we have drastically changed how we sharpen our knives and how we maintain them. From manual knife sharpening to various other types of sharpeners to automated methods, it’s now easy and simple. Today, electric sharpeners grind automatically and do the work faster. It only takes minutes to make a razor-sharp edge and around two to sharpen a blunt blade.

Best electric knife sharpeners are excellent tools for kitchen cutlery. They can help you sharpen up knives, scissors and even garden tools. Most electric sharpeners come in different designs and features. Some can perform various tasks while others cannot. We’ve carefully picked 5 best electric knife sharpener to make the work easier. We have taken time to pick electric sharpeners that are fast, durable, reliable and of high quality.

#1. Presto 08800 EverSharp Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

Presto 08800 EverSharp Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

We recommend Presto 08800 if you want to buy a knife sharpener. It’s of high quality and reliable at all times. This sharpener is small and features only two stages. It will deliver excellent results with thin and sharp edges that will last before the next sharpening.

Although it’s not a great sharpener for professionals, it works well with home and office use. The sharpening are made of sapphirite and can go for a long period without wearing out. The machine has blade guides to hold your knife strategically in order to sharpen the knife according to your needs. Moreover, its suction cups secure it, and the system can remove metallic residue after sharpening.

You can choose this machine, and it will work well with high carbon steel, alloy, and stainless steel tools. If you are careful when using the machine, you will learn how and when it’s best needed. Although it can sharpen serrated knives, it can only do that on one side. The manufacturer advice that you should not press the blades when sharpening.

#2. Chef’s Choice 1520 AngleSelect

Chefs Choice 1520 AngleSelect

The Chefs Choice is the most versatile knife sharpener that will suit all your sharpening problems. This sharpener offers several angles of sharpening options. Being a powerhouse in itself, it has a diamond hone electric sharpener. You can choose the coarse stage or the fine stage when sharpening your tool and finalize by polishing it on stage three.

1520 can sharpen knives to double-beveled edges. It’s a robust machine and can restore your entire collection within very few minutes. It works with kitchen cutlery, sporting and survival knives, serrated blades, pocket knives and butchery knives. This type of sharpener found itself on this list of top 5 best sharpeners without a competition from other brands.

#3. Wusthof 3 Stage

Wusthof PETEC 3-Stage Electric Knife Sharpener

This is another fine knife sharpener from Wusthof, a German company that manufactures knife sharpeners. Although it’s a traditional company, it highly adheres to the highest standards when it comes to quality. The 3 stage brand is remarkable and highly recommended due to its triple stage system.

With the three stages, the sharpener achieves the 14-degree PEtec. It has a 28-degree edge angle that makes it easy to sharpen and polish the knife through the three stages. Stage one uses 100% diamond abrasive and users should take maximum caution when sharpening their tools. The second and third stages work well with serrated knives.

#4. KitchenIQ 50142 Pro Ceramic

KitchenIQ 50142 Pro Ceramic

This knife sharpener has both manual and electric features. Users will be able to easily learn how to use the sharpener through the manuals provided. The 50142 model uses alumina ceramic wheels making it capable of removing any materials from the blade.

Proper maintenance and good care can make this tool last for more than 10 years. Also, when compared to what other sharpeners deliver, this one gives your knife a smooth and nice polish. It has a great precision due to the ceramic wheel that interlocks at different angles. It has two manual finish slots to cater for those who are not satisfied with the sharpening or want to perfect. One of the slots has carbide blades to match the angle while the other has ceramic stones for serrated blades. Sharpening is controlled by a rubber hand grip while its feet is made of rubber. It also features a brush to clean the sharpener before packing.

#5. McGowan DiamondStone

Mcgowan Diamondstone Electric Knife Sharpener

For quick and easy tasks, you should go for the McGowan DiamondStone sharpener. It has only a single sharpening stage, but it’s one of the best and most effective knife sharpeners in the market. This tool has ceramic wheels with diamonds on them. Although your knife will not be polished, the McGowan ensures that your blade is well sharpened and ready for use. One thing that makes it a great sharpener is that it is one of the most appropriate sharpeners for users with no skills of sharpening.

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