10 Best Car Bumper Guards of 2020 – For Your Car Protection

Say Goodbye to Dents and Scratches on Your Car’s Bumper!

A car bumper guard is typically a collection of vertical bars connected to the car’s bumper. However, this kind of guard is more often used on the front bumpers. This material is either a plastic pad filled with foam or something made of rubber that can easily attach and detach from the backside of your car.

PARKING ARMOR 4.2 Indoor/ Outdoor Ultimate Rear Bumper Protector – One of the Best Car Bumper Guards – (Image from Amazon)

Back bumper guards offer several benefits. First, it protects your car from scratches when you park it. Second, it minimizes whiplash in case of a fender bender. Third, it protects and preserves the paint of your car, thus helping you save money. A car bumper guard can also help your car meet the national safety standards.

The market offers a lot of options when it comes to this product. Planning to buy one for your car today? If you answered yes, then you should check these 10 products and find the most compatible with your car.

List of the Best Car Bumper Guards of 2020

#1. Luv-Tap BG001 – Complete Coverage Universal Fit Rear Bumper Guard

Luv-Tap BG001 - Complete Coverage Universal Fit Rear Bumper Guard

This rear bumper guard comes with an extraordinary approach to bumper protector design that made it different from the rest. The product offers several benefits that competitors might not be able to provide. One of these is its flexibility. This rear bumper protector can stretch to fit various car models. However, the company made it available in various sizes to accommodate smaller and large vehicles.

This product comes as a complete package, including the suction cups and bungee cords to keep the bumper protector in place. Once installed, you can drive your car while the bumper guard is on. The guard has reflecting lines that will glow in darkness to keep you and the car safe. This feature has made it one of the best-selling car bumper protectors so far.

Conclusion: Luv-Tap BG001 is a top-rated rear car bumper protector packed with excellent features designed for superior protection and safety for your vehicle. It is highly compatible with a wide variety of cars to choose from.

• Stretchable
• Protects the back and corners of your car
• With glowing reflector lines for enhanced safety in the dark
• Available in various sizes

• Not color-matched

#2. PARKING ARMOR 4.2 Indoor/ Outdoor Ultimate Rear Bumper Protector

PARKING ARMOR 4.2 Indoor/ Outdoor Ultimate Rear Bumper Protector

This one seems to vary from other offerings included in this list. This car bumper guard from Parking Armor has a dense foam core measuring 2 inches thick that has been wrapped in sturdy rubber material.

The rubber cover is making this bumper protector water-resistant and gentle for the paint of your car. It also comes with steel-reinforced water-resistant straps that help in deterring theft. This car bumper guard is available in sizes: 36, 42, and 48 inches long.

Conclusion: PARKING ARMOR 4.2 Indoor/ Outdoor Ultimate Rear Bumper Protector is sturdy and 100% waterproof. Its available in different lengths has made this product a great choice for any car owner.

• Thick foam
• Water-resistant rubber material
• Steel-reinforced and waterproof straps
• Available in different sizes

• Doesn’t look eye-catchy

#3. BumperBadger HD EDITION Car Bumper Guard

BumperBadger HD EDITION Car Bumper Guard

This bumper protector measures 12 inches wide x 46 inches long. With that sizing, it can work well for various car brands and models. This product looks pretty good not just because of its size, but also its shape. The guard was cut, allowing users to expose the exhaust pipes. If the license plate of your car is mounted on the bumper, then you can also cut the piece of rubber that covers it.

The material used in making this bumper guard is strong enough to withstand even the harsh weather conditions. So, whether you will be driving under the sun or the pouring rain, rest assured that your guard will stay in place to do its job.

Conclusion: BumperBadger HD EDITION Car Bumper Guard sets itself apart from other car bumper guards in this list for having extraordinary features to offer. If you are searching for the best protector for your car’s bumper, then it could be the right choice for you.

• Extremely durable
• Effectively protects the car from scratches and dents
• Can endure different weather conditions

• Bad attachment system

#4. BUMPERWALL Model XL2 Car Bumper Guard

BUMPERWALL Model XL2 Car Bumper Guard

This product is designed to keep your car’s rear bumper protected from scratches and dents. It is a great choice of the bumper guard for vehicles having their license plates on the back. It features a detachable base that ensures hassle-free base installation and removal of the bumper protector if you don’t need it.

The bumper guard has been made highly durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. The product itself is crafted using weather-resistant, non-abrasive, and non-dusting shock-absorbing material that can endure multiple shocks. Flip the bumper guard to see the locks with steel arms that allows easy locking and unlocking.

Conclusion: BUMPERWALL Model XL2 Car Bumper Guard is not an ordinary car bumper guard. This product is full of highly protective features, making it one of the best-bang-for-the-buck car bumper guards.

• Highly protective against dents and scratches
• With a detachable base
• Made of shock-absorbing material

• Expensive

#5. FH Group F16408 Car Bumper Protector

FH Group F16408 Car Bumper Protector

This bumper protector stands out for having elevated horizontal bars that run all over the material. Those bars put an extra layer of protection while making the protector thicker. That is a good thing considering that the guard is slightly slimmer than it looks.

The bumper guard is made of the top-quality rubber that can deal better with minor scratches and bumps. Rest assured, it will last for a long time and provide ample protection for your vehicle.

Attaching the guard to a vehicle is so easy. The straps don’t use Velcro, but hooks to help you get the job done in no time. Therefore, a few minutes is enough to set it up properly for your car. Removing the car bumper protector is also easy.

Conclusion: FH Group F16408 Car Bumper Protector seems to be one of the easiest to use car bumper protectors as it uses hooks instead of Velcro. That makes this product a wonderful option for those who are always on the go.

• Easy to attach
• Keeps the bumper from minor damages
• Strong enough to withstand bad weather conditions

• Slightly thin
• Not good for vehicles having their license plates mounted on the bumper

#6. BumperSafe – Bumper Protector for Cars with Corner to Corner Universal Protection

BumperSafe - Bumper Protector for Cars with Corner to Corner Universal Protection

This car bumper guard offers superior protection for your car against those expensive dents, scratches, and dings. With this bumper protector, you are 100% sure your car stays in good shape no matter who busy you are every day.

This bumper protector promises to keep your car safe from damage regardless of the weather. That is true because this product is made of durable all-weather foam that can withstand the rain, sunshine, and even the snow.

No matter what your car is, rest assured this bumper guard will work. This material is 100% universal and easy to adjust so it can fit most car models. Bigger and wider will be better. This bumper guard measures 72 inches wide to ensure it can completely protect your car from left to right. The protector will cover the entire corners of the bumper for full scratch and dent protection.

Conclusion: With its wideness and thick material, you will never go wrong in using BumperSafe – Bumper Protector for Cars with Corner to Corner Universal Protection for your car. This bumper protector offers superior protection for most car and SUV models.

• Wide and large enough
• Made of hard, durable material
• Compatible with most car models

• Expensive

#7. BumperX Car Bumper Guard

BumperX Car Bumper Guard

Crafted using pliable rubber, this product comes with a sturdy adhesive right at its back. To install this protector on your vehicle, you just have to remove the back and put on the strip to your car’s bumper.

What’s more interesting in this product is that the strip is very unobtrusive. That is true, especially when your car’s paint is a dark color like red or black. People will not even realize the guard is on your bumper.

Although it depends on the robust adhesive material on its back, this car bumper protector is amazingly easy to detach without damaging the car’s paint. However, you will need to exert some effort in doing the job.

This bumper guard measures 62 inches wide x 6 inches wide. Hence, it’s long and thick enough to fit a bigger car. Is your car a smaller model? Don’t worry. Just trim the extra part of the guard for a perfect fit.

Conclusion: BumperX Car Bumper Guard is a great car bumper protector. The material is long enough to fit into bigger car models regardless of the brand.

• Appears understated
• Protects your car from minor dings and scratches
• Can be cut to fit your car’s length
• Can endure harsh climate conditions

• Not wide enough

#8. ROCCS Rear Bumper Guard Bumper Protector

ROCCS Rear Bumper Guard Bumper Protector

This product is also a universal car bumper protector as it measures 72 inches long and 8.07 inches wide. It is made of high-density and high-quality foam material. So, the product is 100% strong and can efficiently protect your vehicle’s bumper against dents, dings, and avoid friction scratches.

This protective material will protect your car against low-speed effect from parking. Therefore, it can help a lot in preventing your vehicle from getting minor to even serious scratches. With this bumper guard, rest assured your car stays protected day and night not just from scratches and dents but also from the harsh climate conditions.

This protective material is so easy to install. Your car stays damage-free no matter how often you put it on and off the bumper. The guard comes with a pair of Velcro straps and two extension hooks designed for securing the material and keeping it properly installed.

Conclusion: ROCCS Rear Bumper Guard Bumper Protector is a compelling option as it comes with decent features that help it give the best value for your money. If you are looking for a reliable bumper guard that can fit into any car, then you should check out this one.

• Wide and long
• Durable
• Easy to install

• Not for taller cars

#9. T-Rex Bumper Protector

T-Rex Bumper Protector

Measuring 72 inches long, this bumper protector can work very well for a wide array of cars. Regardless of the car’s brand and model, the material can effectively protect ample covering and protection against scratches and dents. The material’s flexibility assures that this guard can wrap the entire corners of a car and form a much better-shielded area.

When it comes to the material, this rubberized fabric is thick enough, allowing it to act as the barrier when strapped to the bumper. Also, it’s slim enough to stay flexible.

Conclusion: T-Rex Bumper Protector is one of the more reliable car bumper guards you can find in the market today. Unlike other similar products out there, it can be a bit difficult to install as it uses clips and Velcro. Despite that, rest assured the guard will stay in its place once you got it properly installed.

• Provides ample protection against dents and scratches
• Wide and long enough
• Rubberized fabric

• Expensive

#10. BumpTek RP-53HD Car Bumper Protector

BumpTek RP-53HD Car Bumper Protector

If you’re searching for an easy and instant solution to keep your car free from dents and scratches, this product will amaze you for sure. This bumper protector depends on the adhesive strip on its back, allowing you to get it installed and fixed in minutes.

Also, you don’t need to worry regarding attaching and detaching it from your car. This bumper guard is so quick to install on your vehicle, and the adhesive is so strong. It measures 60 inches in length and 2.7 inches wide, so it’s big and long enough for most car models and brands.

Conclusion: BumpTek RP-53HD is a simple but efficient guard that you can use for your vehicle’s bumper. It looks good and will match the overall look of your car’s back.

• Helps prevent scratches
• Suitable for daily use
• Good for bigger cars
• Easy to use

• Width is quite insufficient
• Does not provide major protection

Final Words: These 10 choices listed above for car bumper protectors are undeniably good and useful in keeping cars protected from scratches and dents. Hopefully, this review helps you make a good decision today. Go for the item you think is perfect for your car and will give the best return for your investment.

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