Top 5 Best Camping Stoves Reviews of 2020

Are you due to go camping, hiking or on a long trip? Perhaps you already packing your camping tents and need to buy a new stove to fill in your camping pack, but you’re not sure what to go for. Well, look no further. Here is a review of the 5 best camping stoves.

#1. Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Best Camping Stoves

  • Durable material: made of aluminium and stainless steel
  • Compact: design is excellent for lightweight camping and backpacking
  • Compatible with most fuel canisters of a 7/16 thread (EN 417)
  • Flame control is adjustable

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Best Camping Stoves

This product can boil one litre of water in as little as 3.5 minutes. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and this superlight product does everything you would need. It has a built in ignition and this can make it very convenient. It has a bargain price-point and it is easy to use. This is great for a backpacker on a budget or for someone who just wants to make a hot drink outside.

#2. Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

  • Volume: 32 ounces (1 liter)
  • Boil time: 2 minutes (1/2 liter)
  • Water boiled: 12 liters per 100-gram Jetpower canister
  • Dimensions: 4.1 by 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 14 ounces

Jetboil Flash Personal Cooking System

This product has a sleek design and is excellent for heating up water. The colour on the indicator will change to inform you that the water has been boiled or your food cooked (particularly freeze dried food). The clean-up of this item is straightforward. However, it is suggested that it is quite pricey for what it can do. The coffee filter is not recommended as the taste is awful as the coffee is not ground up properly enough to have a decent cup of coffee. You need a level surface to be able to use this product effectively and you need to consider that it may not actually be suitable in very cold conditions. The next product is rated lower but has a lower cost to match and more lightweight and compact.

#3. Go Bag Stove & Windscreen Combo

  • Lightweight & Compact
  • 18 Guage Aluminum
  • Windscreen Included
  • Easy To Use & Environmentally Friendly
  • Alcohol Fuel Not Included

Go Bag Stove & Windscreen Combo

This very sturdy and well-built stove provides big blue flames, ready for your big pot of food!
It creates a lot of heat in a fairly short space of time. It is compact and lightweight and it can be packed in a backpack without the fear of it being dented or crushed which is an added bonus. This is great for hiking, backpacking or camping.

#4. BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

  • On demand electricity charges smartphones, headlamps, LED lights
  • Full cooking and boiling functionality, ideal for camping and emergency preparedness
  • Portable and compact design, easy to pack and no fuel to carry
  • It also burns wood

BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

The function to charge up devices is an added extra with this product. It can only be used to burn wood so it is mainly suitable to heat up water and use to cook food such as soup or pasta. It is a neat package with a compact design. It does smoke a bit when you start to use it. One thing you don’t have to worry about is using gas canisters as they are not needed. There are always plenty of dried twigs and wood that can be used to get this lit and fired up. Overall, a good product for use by all the family.

#5. Camp Chef Everest High Output 2 Burner Stove

  • Dimensions: 13.5″ D x 23.5″ W x 4.25″ H
  • Total Output: 40,000 BTUs
  • Weight: 12 lbs.

Camp Chef Everest High Output 2 Burner Stove

This stove can be a bit difficult to open at the first set up but the flame can easily be adjusted and the fuel consumption is reasonable. Care needs to be taken with this as it can easily be dented due to the soft material that is manufactured from stainless steel. This stove is featured in 2011 Woodall’s Camping Life Gear Guide as recommended “things to get you started camping and having fun outdoors”.

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