5 Best Camping Lanterns Reviews of 2020

What kind of camping lanterns best fit your camping needs? Do you need a light weight for backpacking or one that can last for days? Best camping lanterns have been around for very many years especially the ones that use fuel such as kerosene or gas. The new versions of lanterns are now using a battery, and some are made of candles.

If you already have the necessary equipment and accessories for camping such as stove and other equipment that uses fuel, it is wise to go for a lantern that uses the same type of fuel. However, some lanterns such as the Coleman can either burn white gas or unleaded gasoline. It’s important to always check so that you are sure. Camping lanterns that burn fuel have glass globes or metal mesh globes. The advantage of glass is that it lets more light through, but it remains fragile as always. Metal mesh globes are much tougher and highly recommended in case you are not a very careful person. It’s important to extra mantles, bulbs, fuel and even batteries when you are buying your camping lantern. Check out the following top 5 best camping lanterns reviews of 2016 to get prepared.

#1. Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Green LED best camping Lanterns

Rayovac Sportsman LED Camping Lantern Flashlight

This is an excellent green LED lantern that has the ability to provide light for more than 100,000 hours. This tool is made from 4 watt LEDs and has three different lighting modes. You can choose low-intensity lighting, go for high in case the place is extra dark and also use stroboscope mode when you need it.
This lantern has optimized beans, tactical switches and rubber grips making it ideal for any outdoor adventures.

It is compact and ultra-portable at just 7 inches tall and under 3.5 inches wide. The Rayovac has also been designed and constructed well with ABS making it a water resistant and ideal for rugged conditions. Its bottom has a hook that can fold out to light up your space and has a rubberized handle for easy carrying.

#2. Coleman 1000 Lumen CPX 6 Lantern

Coleman 1000 Lumen CPX 6 Lantern

The Coleman 1000 Lumen CPX 6 is water resistant and an excellent lantern for outdoor activities. It offers study construction with five LED bulbs that shine a light at 360 degrees. It can shine light at approximately 20 meters on the high setting and 5 meters on the low setting.

This lantern has been considered to be 25% more efficient than most standard LEDs. Its omnidirectional capabilities also make it a suitable lantern to use especially when you need more light distribution around the camp or hiking place. You have the ability to switch your power to your required needs. You can vary the light output from high to low without having much trouble. It uses 4D or CPX 6 rechargeable batteries, and it’s an excellent lantern to consider buying.

#3. Ultra Bright LED Lantern by Divine LEDs

Divine LEDs Bright Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern

You will be surprised with it from the moment you unpack it and insert batteries. The lantern is made of military grade materials. It is water resistant making it more durable and efficient whether indoors or outdoors.

It has an advanced collapsible design that will surely tell that it has been well crafted. It’s a simple lantern right from the moment you pick it up, and its can be efficient for multiple uses. You can use it at the cabin, home when there is power problems, at the beach during the night or even during camping and hiking.

#4. Etekcity Portable Rechargeable LED

Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

This is another lantern that deserves it all in 2016. It has a brilliant lighting with 180 Lumen omnidirectional lighting. Expect to illuminate even the darkest places you have never exploited such as caves.

The lantern has a rechargeable battery and a power bank just in case you are somewhere and the battery is out. The battery can be recharged by the power bank to maintain brightness at all occasions. You can also use the same lantern to charge other devices like tables, cameras, and phones with its USB feature. Most people love how they can easily use this lantern for multiple uses and also enjoy 4 different modes of brightness. It can produce high, low, red and flashing red. The lantern can be used for reading, camping or even as an emergency flare.

#5. iStarty 30 LED Ultra Bright Portable Camping LED Lantern

iStarty 30 LED Ultra Bright Portable Camping LED Lantern

The iStarty is also considered one of the top best camping lanterns in the market today. It features 30 individual LED bulbs that have been designed to provide enough light and can last for years. It can provide a 360 degree light as it saves light. It’s beautifully designed, and its materials are all military grade. The lantern is water resistant, convenient at any given environment and durable.

Its battery life is great and can last up to 8 hours of high-intensity light or even up to 72 hours of regular lighting. You can use this lantern for camping, hiking, fishing, adventures, emergencies and any other outdoor activities.

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